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Mission oriented collaboration breeds understanding & unity.

Pam McDermott


We live in a county made up of several communities and neighborhoods, and our lives are connected in many ways.  When we’re thoughtful in our communication, this connectedness can become a unifying force to identify and solve problems and propel us forward.  Elected officials should listen better because creative, entrepreneurial and engaged people are our most valuable resource.  


If we understand that we are connected in community, then it makes sense to work strategically and purposefully with one another.  We will learn the most and get the best results when we work collaboratively with others.  Sometimes it seems as if our elected officials would just prefer to work their plan from the top down rather than through a process of listening from the ground up.



Government exists to ensure the common good, the interests that we all share.  This includes but is not limited to issues of justice, economic opportunity and growth, education, and public safety.  We need an environment where all can flourish.  Our county has an opportunity to completely audit its criminal justice system before we spend hundreds of millions over the next 20 years for a larger jail. That would be a win for everyone.

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